"SENY is a great community to network and learn from peers, while also having the opportunity to speak to people that are interested in pursuing careers in sales engineering. Most importantly, it is a great group of human beings who I genuinely enjoy spending time with"

— eric glick, Solutions engineer, slack

"SENY’s panel discussions gave me invaluable insights on how to grow my SE organization. I plan on attending all their events."

— Carl Leskinen, CTO, Burt

“The enthusiasm everyone had for their jobs at SENY helped inspire me to pursue sales full-time. With their advice and encouragement, I successfully transitioned from being an Engineer at a hardware company to starting a new role as an Account Executive at a SaaS company in NYC. “

— Tony Kauffmann, Inside Account Executive, HyperScience

"I enjoy coming to SENY to learn about the domain and function of sales engineering and connecting with industry leaders whom I can learn from, and potentially making an impact in their organization"

— john tan, senior software engineer, chase

"SENY has cultivated an awesome community for SEs in NYC that we haven't had before."

— Tarek Tantawy, SE Manager, branch