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At every SENY event, I find someone new to connect with about the challenges, thrills, and best practices of being an SE and leading an SE team. It’s an immensely helpful resource for me as we hire and nurture SEs at Looker.
— Zev Lebowitz, SE Manager at Looker

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Sales engineers of new york

SENY is the premier community for sales engineers, solutions engineers, solution consultants and any aspiring pre-sales engineers in New York City area. SENY was formed in 2018 as a Meetup group to connect individuals with similar professional backgrounds and provide them with a platform to learn from each other, network with their current and future colleagues and form a close-knit community that thrives on collaboration and mentorship.


join us at the next seny event on Thursday, sept 19th at 6 pm

SENY Event: Sept 19, 2019 at Yext NYC HQ

SENY Event: Sept 19, 2019 at Yext NYC HQ


Why should you join?

Sales Engineers of New York aims at providing a close knit community for all sales engineers, solution engineers or whatever title you may have. We never spam or send recruiter emails. Our aim is to strictly foster this community to:

  • Grow your professional career by listening to what top leaders in your industry share through their experiences

  • Network with your peers who face the same challenges as you while learning and collaborating with them

  • Prosper by making meaningful connections with your future colleagues or bosses